How to Promote Customer Relationships with all Stakeholders

Your company has put relationships with customers at the heart of its strategy and as a manager you are wondering how to implement it successfully on a daily basis.

Your challenge is to get your team to embrace these new directions and to get them to adopt new behaviours with customers.

If you are a team manager in contact with customers (face-to-face, by phone, email…), Sales Manager, or Customer Service Manager this module will allow you to frame the interventions and communication needed by your employees.

It will help you define
• The skills and competencies required for each of your employees to succeed in their role.

• The scope of your responsibilities to effectively nurture a customer-centric corporate culture through your employees.

Training Objectives

  • Become aware of the related issues regarding the new focus on customer relationships
  • Identify and build the client focused culture with all stakeholders.
  • Develop your team’s proactiveness for customers’ benefit.
  • Manage teams considering both customer and company interests.

Key Highlights

  • Self-diagnosis before and after face-to-face training.
  • Individual and/or team exercises, with situational settings.
  • Alternate between proven methods and the exchange of best practices.
  • Build a personal development plan at the end of the training.


  • Understand the issues of the new customer orientation within the company
  • Define and understand your new role and responsibilities as a manager.
  • Develop the skill set needed for the team and stakeholdersPlan key actions and give yourself the means to succeed.
  • Establish and manage the stakes of the new customer relationship focus with all stakeholders
  • Track teams, their actions and engage in smooth changes toward success


2-Day Open Public Session: $2.500 + Tx (per participant for the course that integrates training and e-learning modulescounting toward your annual accreditation by the Canadian Association of Sales Professionals (CPSA).

Private & custom company training : available upon request

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