Sales Management Techniques for the 21st Century

How many sales managers today are like fire fighters, thinking it can never be any other way? How many do not have a clear vision of the key sales management activities needed to bring the best out of their team?

Selling evolves with new technology; so how can managing a sales team be done solely using past methods?

Results are consequences of activities, so how can Sales Managers influence their team?

You are a Sales Manager, Director or in a position to become one. This training will allow you to discover all the skills of a good manager using the latest best practices and new technologies.

Training Objectives

  • Master the 3 essential missions of a sales manager.
  • Use new technologies to improve performance (ex. faster sales growth, lower operational costs).
  • Integrate new technologies to manage and maintain an overall sales vision.

Key Highlights

• Online self-analysis – before the workshop, participants can evaluate themselves to determine areas of improvement. After training they can measure their progress and learning outcomes.

• Distance learning – allows for flexibility to learn at one’s ownpace. The eLearning modules allow participants to preview new concepts before the workshop and revisit them after completion. Classroom training will focus on methods to be used in the field.

• Case Studies – realistic scenarios put participants in a management position allowing them to create an action plan and measure the results.

• E-book: All training methods taught during the workshop are given to participants electronically and can be accessed on PCs or tablets..


  • Strategy to action
  • Strategy to objectives.
  • The new purchasing channels.
    Align your systems with purchasing channels.
  • Set result objectives by client and by product portfolios
  • A sales action plan.
  • Adapt management styles according to teams and individual members.
  • The Moments of Truth of a sales manager. The key milestones and how to succeed at them


3-Day Open Public Session: $3.500 + Tx (per participant for the course that integrates training and e-learning modulescounting toward your annual accreditation by the Canadian Association of Sales Professionals (CPSA).

Private & custom company training : available upon request

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