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We customize our trainings for both organizations and individuals, adapting to specific needs and addressing your challenges

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Excellence in Sales

We work with you through every step of the process - we assess, develop, implement, and evaluate your sales performance

Global Reach

We coach across teams and borders - helping you to align sales across the whole organization

Industry Sectors

We understand that the challenges faced by our clients are industry specific. Our decades of experience, allied with strong specialized research enables us to be the number one partner.

Our Learning Approach

Our learning solutions are designed to follow the natural adult learning process.

In a process of change, it is crucial to first create the awareness of the current status and to motivate people to change by helping them understand the benefits: the WHY. To stimulate the ambition and desire to reach the next level, we typically use inspirational videos, initial reflections and self-assessments.

Our Learning Approach
  • Why
  • Self-assessment
  • Video

After becoming aware of the expected change, people need to know WHAT are the competence gaps, what skills they need to improve

Our Learning Approach
  • What
  • Improve
  • Skills

Once there is a full understanding of the learning needs, people have to see HOW to improve these skills in practice. This is where relevant, operational training comes in: what to do, how to do it, through role plays, scenarios and practice.

Our Learning Approach
  • How
  • Training
  • Practice

Change is a long-term process, so it is crucial to follow-up and monitor step by step how people are implementing what they’ve learnt in their daily job. To ensure the retention of new behaviours, it’s important to highlight the achievements and celebrate the success. At this stage, managers have a crucial role, with support from implementation activities and constant inputs and calls to action.

Our Learning Approach
  • Success
  • Support
  • Actions


That's how much time on average sales reps have for training.


Our approach

Sales Strength Analysis

Evaluate the strengths and areas of improvement of your sales organization.

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Business Simulations

Train your people to make the right decisions to improve business performance.

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Digital Learning Experience

Discover an effective and engaging learning experience based on our 4 steps learning process and on the 70/20/10 model with high-impact learning built on group dynamics, collaborative and mentoring capabilities.

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Decision Making Tools

Tools developed with standard word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and collaborative software are often makeshift solutions and therefore not easy to use in the long term. We provide automated tools which sales teams and sales managers can use for Opportunity Management, Account Management and Sales Management.

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Impact training

Improve quickly your sales efficiency on targeted sales tasks.

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Open Courses

Mercuri International offers a wide range of sales related development courses. We apply a learning methodology, called "whole-brain learning" to create powerful and engaging learning experiences for each participant.

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”Mercuri were instrumental in guiding and training us to The Kramp Way of Selling that now makes our sales team a USP for our customers”

Kramp Groep
Who we are

Who we are & what value we offer

The sales performance experts who enable sales excellence through people and process development. We offer customized solutions to increase sales results and achieve sales excellence for our clients.

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More happy clients

"Our Academy, powered by Mercuri, is adding real value to customer engagement processes."


"At Toyota, we place high demands on our leaders and therefore we have very high demands on the consultants we work with in leadership development. Mercuri has become a close partner in our pan-European leadership program and is appreciated by all our participating leaders. In addition to having a high uniform level of their deliveries, they are very easy to work with and take clear responsibility and ownership for their parts in the program"

Fredrik Fjellstedt


"We can immediately see the impact of Mercuri’s Selling At My Best. We have had the highest engagement scores in the history of the company – 91% compared to a previous best of 81%. Our year on year result is 40% up compared to the same time last year."

Dan Buckingham

Virgin Holidays

Global and local expertise

Our global work

Generating growth on a global basis takes more than just good intentions. It demands the ability to adjust continuously and learn new skills. It also means taking on new roles when interacting with customers, in order to win and retain their loyalty. With us as your partner, your business units will obtain the necessary competencies to make your international strategies succeed by:

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