Mercuri International Canada

World leader dedicated to sales, offering proven solutions that create a real impact from the managers level and sales teams, to business partners, and customer service.


Our mission is the development of the commercial competitiveness of companies:


  • by consulting: structuring sales processes and optimizing commercial organizations. Design sales and management tools.
  • by training: stimulating and strengthening the skills and practices of sales forces and commercial managers to meet new challenges in their environment.


Located in Canada since 1996, our 2 offices (within Montreal and Toronto Metro) are part of the great North American team of Mercuri, bringing together about thirty consultants specializing in a wide range of industries.

We deploy our expertise in more than 50 countries with more than 500 full-time consultants, all senior sales and management professionals.

We manage projects both nationally and internationally.

More than 250 000 people are trainede very year throughout the world by our consultants. Mercuri International is regularly rewarded for its most successful training projects, both at local and international level.

We define precisely with our customers the expected results and the ROI’s measurement criteria.

leadership committee

Michel-Pierre Huppé

Sylvain Huot
Vice-President/Senior Consultant

Consultants team

Patrick Lizotte
Senior Associate Consultant

George Rizopulos
Senior Associate Consultant

Reine Khantchand
Senior Associate Consultant

Steve Bratt
Senior Associate Consultant

Jamie Barrette
VP North America

Administrative team

Gabrielle Young

Executive Administrator/Facilitator

Monica Navarro

Executive Administrator/Facilitator