Sales Management

Mercuri International Sales Management development includes designing the right process, implementing the correct measures and supporting effective skills and behaviors in order to improve your sales performance. Your Sales Managers are crucial to your organization’s sales success. Mercuri International can show you how to get the best from them.

Our work with Sales Managers includes:

  • Motivation and team building
  • Planning, monitoring and analysis of performance
  • Performance management
  • Managing sales activity
  • Reward systems with a direct link to your key performance indicators
  • Powerful sales performance
  • Managing sales performance
  • Sales coaching and development of individuals and teams
  • Sales Management Process Efficiency improvements
  • Forecasting and pipeline management

Our sales consultants will help you to improve the skills, methods and effectiveness of your Sales Managers through a combination of:

  • Analysis to determine the current situation
  • Consulting to identify where process improvements are needed
  • Sales leadership training and coaching
  • Business simulations and business games
  • Sales strategy implementation
  • Providing new methods and tools

The ROI of a structured Sales Process

The independent research agency CSO Insight has investigated in the return on investing in improving a Sales Process. This video will show you the differences in revenue plan attainment and how a structured sales process impacts results.