Industrial & Construction

Mercuri International Sales Consultants have a proven track record of delivering professional sales training and sales consulting in this traditional yet demanding market sector.

Our expertise includes the management of successful Sales and Sales Management projects in:

  • Construction and House building organisations
  • Aerospace and Automotive industries
  • Power Generation and Transmission companies
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Aggregates and Asphalt companies
  • Minerals and Mining Organizations
  • Agricultural Machinery Sales
  • Petro-chemical and plastics organizations

Our Sales Consultants are working with the leading players to ensure that their sales teams are as competitive as possible in these demanding economic times. Our focus is to deliver the most effective solution, built entirely on your key issues. Our work in this sector has included:

  • Developing Sales Management Academies
  • Building Internal and External Sales Processes
  • Consultative Selling
  • Sales Leadership
  • Coaching in the Field
  • Maximizing Sales Effectiveness
  • Sales Management Efficiency Analysis

Michel-Pierre Huppé
Steve Bratt
Senior Associate Consultant

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