How to Create and Deliver Impactful Presentations

This is for all members within sales, marketing, and customer service teams!

PowerPoint has become one of the indispensable tools of any presentation about an idea, project or offering to any group, whether colleagues, partners or customers.

Very few people using PowerPoint know that we read 2 to 3 times faster than we speak; therefore participants have already read the slide while presenters are still speaking. It is the syndrome of “death by PowerPoint”, the expression coined by Angela Garber.

Emotional expression is now at the heart of face-to-face impact, and too few presentations incorporate this dimension.

You are responsible for marketing, representative or salesperson, an advisor, this training will allow you to optimize your presentations skills and thus develop an enhanced impact with your group.

Training Objectives

  • Use new technology to make your sales presentations more impactful.
  • Design, support and animate winning sales presentations through proven methodologies
  • Master various techniques including the Storytelling approach.
  • Strengthen and convince with persuasive power during presentations.

Key highlights

  • The online preparatory stage allows for learning flexibility and totrain at one’s own pace. Web content is accessible before thetraining to preview new concepts and afterward to review theories learned.
  • During classroom training participants build solutions adapted to their real cases, for example the construction of a conviction speech using proven methods
  • Through exercises we will alternate between learning new methods and changing behaviours.


  • Recognize basic concepts and pitfalls in order to avoid death by PowerPoint.
  • Differentiate the use of oral presentations vs. written proposals.
  • Build a sales presentation.
  • Choose the right design, format & animation of slides.
  • Enhance the impact of visuals in presentations.
  • The 20 rules to be respected for an impactful communication.
  • Conclusion and draft personal development plan

Web modules (eLearning) – To allow greater flexibility in learning before and after classroom training.

  • Differentiated Selling
  • What is self-confidence?
  •  Make a request, express a refusal.

A series of “Essentials” cards that illustrate and synthesize key concepts and best practices gained from Mercuri worldwide.

Rates :

2-Day Open Public Session: $2.500 + Tx (per participant for the course that integrates training and e-learning modulescounting toward your annual accreditation by the Canadian Association of Sales Professionals (CPSA).

Private & custom company training : available upon request

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