The 7 Key Success Factors in Customer Relationships

Customers are increasingly demanding toward companies and no longer complacent when being ignored or taken for granted.

How do we deal with these new requirements and challenging environments? How do you prepare yourself to succeed in your relationships with customers?

You will be trained to acquire winning reflexes, skills, abilities through many practical situations with feedback and corrective recommendations.

You contact customers (face to face, through the phone, email…), you are a field or internal representative or simply a stakeholder contributing to the success of customer relationships. At the end of this module you will be able to:

▪ Adopt the relevant behaviors in front of customers
▪ Turn a dissatisfied customer into a market ambassador for your company.

Training Objectives

  • Identify and use the 7 Key Success Factors that allow you to succeed in your customer relationships.
  • Measure your individual contribution to the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Keep the customer’s interests at heart. 
  • Train to implement these 7 Key Success Factors
  • Build a customer relationship approach no matter thecommunication channel.

Key Highlights

  • Alternate between using proven methods and highlighting best practices.
  • Review of situations adapted to the different channels of the customer relationship (telephone, email, face to face…).
  • Simulations, feedback and corrective recommendations.
  • Individual and team exercises.


  • Find the unique characteristics of your customer.
  • Understand your roles, levers and abilities and to generate a greater understanding of customers and exert a greater influence on them.
  • Identify the Key Success Factors to optimize customer relationships. Practice optimizing relationships with customers.
  • Use the right methods to turn a disgruntled customer into a market ambassador for your company.


2-day open Public Session: $2.500 + Tx (per participant for the course that integrates training and e-learning modulescounting toward your annual accreditation by the Canadian Association of Sales Professionals (CPSA).

Private & custom company training : available upon request

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